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San Francisco Traffic Law Clinic

We take great pride in running the best traffic law office in San Francisco. We are the longest running and boast a success rate of over 90% of our client's cases resulting without adding negative points to their driving record. Between Mr. Uthman's 10 years of law enforcement & 20 years of successfully defending clients, we've got you covered.

All it takes for us to begin defending your case is for you to bring in, email, or fax us your ticket with a brief explanation of your situation. From there, our experienced team will handle your case without you even having to meet with any lawyers or appear in court!


You bring your ticket, we'll do the rest!

Fighting Traffic Tickets

Everyone receives traffic tickets at one point or another. While it might seem minor at the time, a ticket can have serious consequences such as expensive fines, increased insurance premiums, points on your record and potentially losing your license.


Hiring an attorney to refute your traffic ticket is often a wise decision because he or she knows the arguments and tactics that work in traffic court. Mr. Uthman has handled thousands of cases, with over 90% resulting in dismissals or non-point violations.

How the clinic works

Our low prices are attributed to the process in which we handle your case. Once we have your ticket, our experienced staff analyzes your ticket and goes to court for you to defend your unique case. We will keep you updated on the process and outcome of your case as soon as the information is made available to us.  We promise you'll love the outcome of your case!

Why we're the best

We can proudly say that 90% of all of our cases end with no added points to our clients' driving records! Our clinic has been open since 1985 and continues to be San Francisco's favorite and most frequented Traffic Law Clinic because of our consistent results!

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